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Next Gen Ladycomp Baby

Retail $745.00 inc GST

NEXT GENERATION IS HERE! Ladycomp Baby, for the Lady who wants simplicity, is trying or knows she will try to get pregnant one day, and would like all available Ladycomp planning technology at her fingertips and immediate...

Next Gen Ladycomp

Retail $655.00 inc GST

"For 'ALL' Ladies who want to use Natural Fertility Management for Birth Control. They are interested in some details about their cycle, and may also want to try to get pregnant at some point." PURPOSE The Lady-Comp...

Success Stories
  • "Firstly, I’d like to say that I’ve been using Lady-Comp for about 10 months now (for birth-control) and I absolutely love it! I am so glad to finally be off of the hormonal pill. I was taking birth control pills for about 9 years and had started to notice many side-effects."


  • "I got pregnant after one month. I had been trying for so long, but with your product I made it."


  • "I LOVE ladycomp! The best natural birth control ever!"


  • "A little thank you I have my Lady-Comp since 10 years and I LOVE it. I could not take hormones anymore and this was the best decision I ever made I am happy with it, I feel my body again and my partner is also satisfied. Thank you its such a great product sadly not a lot know about it."

    JG, Washington

  • "I am a user of the LadyComp. It is, by far, one of the best inventions in natural contraception - I can rely on my Ladycomp. Thank you"

    Leslie - 26 Jun 2012

  • Sweetening The Pill - A Documentary Sweetening The Pill - A Documentary Abbey Epstein and Ricki Lake are raising funds to put together a fantastic documentary about Birth Control and the Pill. We've put a link to their KickStarter site below! VE Valley Electronics in Germany as well...
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Own and Observe Your Body with Lady-Comp Australia’s Ovulation Calendar


Do you want to stop taking the Pill or Hormonal type contraceptives? The Ladycomp range - an Ovulation Calendar & Menstrual Cycle Calculator in a sophisticated computer.

"Feedback from many users has shown that fertility computers are far more than just a means to an end. They are a reflection of women taking a proactive, informed and sensible approach to their own body awareness, which includes effective contraception!"


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