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8 Sperm-Friendly Lubricants You Should Consider Using While Trying to Conceive

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13 Jul 2013  |  4 Comments
For some couples trying to conceive is not as easy as the whole idea may seem.
There is hormone levels, timing for ovulation and well, doing the deed. It’s quite an interesting balance of things that have to line up just right in order for conception to occur and more complicated than it seems.
If conception is taking longer than you had hoped, one area that could be hindering the process can come into play with lubrication. The female body naturally makes lubrication (or cervical mucus) and it changes through out the month. When you’re in your fertile time, your mucus (or lubrication) will change to make it the most ‘sperm-friendly’ to allow those guys to do their thing and swim up to your awaiting egg. The right amount, consistency and pH balance has to be achieved in order to help those guys and sometimes a lady doesn’t make enough of her own (thanks, hormones). The lubrications you generally can find at the chemist or supermarket typically are counter-productive to trying to conceive. They don’t generally have the right pH balance or constancy to help the sperm and usually hinder the process. There are some lubrication (both natural and store bought) that are more sperm-friendly and you may want to consider using these if you’re trying to conceive'.
Source: Dr Oz, Woman's Day, Eco Salon, Ubyssey
Canola Oil
While you may not think oil is safe to put there, it won't cause infection. It's naturally absorbed by the body and canola oil is considered sperm friendly.
Egg Whites
The best natural cervical mucus is called "egg white cervical mucus" because of it's close consistency with well, egg white. Using un-cooked egg whites as lubrication mimics natural lubrication. 
It's natural, readily available and won't hinder sperm from swimming.
Olive Oil
Another oil that's body safe and sperm friendly. A natural oil such as olive oil has the right pH balance and won't hinder sperm.
Coconut Oil (My personal fav, and it smells and tastes yummy too)
What can't coconut oil do? While you may be worried about infections putting it where you will be putting it, but no need to worry. Coconut oil is a natural antifungal and the sperm love to swim in it. 
Plain Yogurt
If you can get over the fact that it's yogurt, plain (NON sugared) yogurt can be a good option for lubrication.
Yes Baby and Pre Seed 
Thought of as one of the best sperm-friendly lubrications on the market, these both have the right pH balance and consistency to help the sperm do it's thing.
More info & to get your own, visit and
Comments (4)

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