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Daysy 1.0

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Daysy ... Natural Confidence!

For the lady who wants simplicity, yet also wants access to all her cycle data, but only if and when she wants to!

Pearl Index of 0.7 Same as the Lady-Comp! 

Sleek, easy to carry, could slip into a handbag with no trouble when on a business trip and 100% Natural and Side Effect free!


Daysy is a fertility monitor presenting your daily fertility status based on the regular measurement of the basal body temperature which is measured orally each morning. The device uses a statistical program to estimate the fertile and non-fertile days in your individual cycle.

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Just 60 seconds a day!

Daysy uses the Lady-comp algorithm and has it's own iPhone and Android APP called DaysyView!


Daysy has a simple colour system for your fertility status, and is a stand alone device, meaning you don't need DaysyView to tell you when you are fertile or not.  DaysyView partners with Daysy to provide complete fertility management.

Daysy is unique, in that it is a certified medical device developed with the highest quality and safety standards under the strict European certification system.

Use the APP to view your all your cycle statistics as follows: (See the Screen images below)

  • Monthly Fertility Calendar
  • Temperature Graph
  • Number of stored cycles
  • Average Length of cycle
  • Average ovulation day
  • Ovulation day fluctuation
  • Average Length of High days
  • Number of missed measurements

You can view the full website for Daysy and get all necessary information at:


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